Sunday, January 28, 2007

Julie Andrews, Eddie Murphy and the Screen Actor's Guild

Once again the narcissistic entertainment industry has spent hundreds of the thousands of dollars, if not millions to pat themselves on the the back and say how cutting edge and artistically superior they are.

This industry is completely obsessed with itself, which if the definition of narcissistic. Once you get inside of it and live in it you realize the conspiracies are true. These people condemn the rest of America and think they know so much more and are advanced beyond those "simple, rural Americans".

They don't believe you are smart enough to take care of yourself. They believe they've experienced so much more than you. They are, after all, rich and you are not. They are famous and you are not. If they give money, or travel to a 3rd world country to help the poor, their picture is taken and published. Is yours? Does anyone care that there are millions of you silently giving money to the poor and impoverished around the world?

Sean Penn went to Iran, did you? Look how much he cares. He knows more than you. He cares more than you. Do you care? If you do, you don't understand enough to "really" know what's going on. Let Sean tell you.

Sadly, many of you believe this. You keep buying People magazine and watching Oprah. You read the books Oprah tells you to. You watch the movie that Sean Penn makes, even if you don't agree with his politics. You, America, are giving this industry billions and billions of dollars every year to continue to attack you.

Every dollar you spend on a movie produced by a major studio, even if that movie is something you find wholesome (and that's rare enough), every dollar goes to this industry to continue to attack what you hold dear. To continue to condescend to you. To continue to give it the power to make movies about men having sex with horses and movies that have a 12 year old act out a rape against her.

Why are we so obsessed with entertainment. It's so much of our lives and what we spend are time talking about and pursuing. Stop. Stop giving money to those who breed hatred for you. Redeem the time while you still have it to redeem.